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DefinitionActive and planned efforts to persuade target groups to adopt an innovation.
Broad dissemination

Developing the Means to extend (or diffuse) the new practice beyond the trial unit

Diffusion and Dissemination

Diffusion of Evidence Based Interventions (DEBI)


Dissemination strategies


Initial spread plan



Research Dissemination


Stages of Diffusion

Stages of Dissemination

Transfer, Disseminate, Diffuse

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Models"4E" Framework for Knowledge Dissemination and Utilization
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CDC DHAP's Research-to-Practice Framework

Conceptualizing Dissemination Research and Activity: Canadian Heart Health Initiative

Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing (CURN)

Dissemination of Evidence-based Interventions to Prevent Obesity

Framework for Knowledge Translation

Framework for Spread

Framework for the Dissemination & Utilization of Research for Health-Care Policy & Practice

Framework for the Transfer of Patient Safety Research into Practice
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Framework of Dissemination in Health Services Intervention Research

Health Promotion Technology Transfer Process
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Knowledge Exchange Framework

Model for Improving the Dissemination of Nursing Research
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OutPatient Treatment in Ontario Services (OPTIONS) Model

Utilization-Focused Surveillance Framework
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