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ConstructAdopter/implementer/decision maker characteristics
DefinitionThe characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors of individuals within an adopting organization include position in the organization, education, individual concerns and motivations and may determine the uptake and use of an innovation. Rogers classifies the individual adopters according to their degree of innovativeness into five categories: (1) innovators, (2) early adopters, (3-4) early and late majority, and (5) laggards.
Adopter audiences

Adopter training and support






Change Agents

Characteristics of Individuals

Clear definition of objectives by decision-maker


Clinical Experience


Critical Reflection by Adopters

Decision-maker interest

Decision-maker style

Decision-maker's participation




Individual adopter characteristics

Individual characteristics

Individual Factors

Individual Factors influencing implementation

Individual Identification with Organization

Individual intentions

Individual level

Individual level

Individual Stage of Change

Key messengers

Knowledge and beliefs

Motivation to change

Norms & Attitudes

Other Personal Attributes

Peer Pressure


Potential Adopters

Professional training

Research interest and expertise



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