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Welcome to the Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Models website, an interactive catalog of models for use in research and practice.

This interactive website was designed to help researchers and practitioners to select the D&I Model that best fits their research question or practice problem, adapt the model to the study or practice context, fully integrate the model into the research or practice process, and find existing measurement instruments for the model constructs. The term ‘Models’ is used to refer to both theories and frameworks that enhance dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions more likely.

The website features  a number of ways to easily access and navigate the catalog. You can View All Models or search within individualized criteria.

Once you have selected a D&I Model that best fits your research question, you can learn more about applying your model on the Adapt or Integrate pages. Additionally, you can find list of constructs and affiliated measures associated swith the selected D&I Model on the Measure Constructs page.

The Measure Constructs Page itself provides a list of constructs affiliated with D&I models and links to measures for these constructs. This page allows you to quickly browse constructs, as well as additional information on each construct in the descriptions. You can quickly access a reference to each model which aligns with a given construct, and also the “elements” or components abstracted from each model.

The website also features interactive, community resource pages including . . .

Thank you for visiting the Dissemination & Implementation Models website! We hope you find this to be a valuable resource in your practice, and we greatly value your participation and feedback. So Please, contact us with any questions or comments.